Scott Wessels


Vice President Geoscience

Scott Wessels's Biography

Mr. Wessels joined PetroEdge Energy in May 2014. He was previously employed at Statoil as a Senior Geophysicist and at Microseismic Inc ("MSI") as a Processing Geophysicist.  At Statoil he organized field development planning of new assets and provided geological expertise to bring wells from concept to completion.  He also served as a microseismic specialist for the Marcellus, Eagle Ford, and Bakken Units, as well as four North Sea assets.  At MSI he processed surface acquired microseismic data from all major unconventional plays and developed new methods of fault detection that were published in EAGE's First Break.  He has presented, authored and coauthored works at the SEG and Pittsburg Geophysical Society.  He received his MSc in Geology from the University of New Orleans and a BSc in Geology from Kansas State University.  He also participates on the HGS Geomechanics Applied Geoscience Conference Planning Committee.