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We will review widely used Tendenci elements, content editing, website templates, homepage vs interior pages, Tendenci Site settings and frequently used website modules.

1.  Loggin in to Tendenci

2.  Tendenci Tour!  Review where our site elements are and what they do.

     a.  Admin Bar

     b.  Dashboard

     c.  Templates/Theme Editor

     d.  Users / Permissions

     e.  Homepage vs interior page etc


3.  Admin Bar to Users/Profile

     a.  changing your password

     b.  editing your profile

     c.  Users list / permissions / groups


4.  Modules:  What are they, what do they do?

     a.  Module are separate functions within Tendenci that act on their own and store their own info in their own "bucket" but act together with other modules to create the dynamic content management system we use.  We will use Mental Health America as an example of this:  http://www.mhahouston.org/


5.  Pages:

     a.  Adding / Editing Pages

     b.  WYSIWYG Text Editors

     c.  Formatting

     d.  Inserting Images, editing them

     e.  Embedding Videos and iframes (google maps)

     f.  Tables / NOT pasting from another site or Word

     g.  Using Relative URLs instead of absolute URLs


6.  Navigations:

     a.  Adding, editing navigations


7.  Projects:  Projects is a feed of images/text that will display one of many projects that can be organized in the site.  Projects has many fields and can be elaborate. For PetroEdge, we are using just a few simple fields.

    a.  projects must be tagged with “homepage”


8.  Stories Rotator - Stories are the module that lets us rotate multiple images through one space for a slide show effect.

     a.   Stories need a tag to know where to live on the website

     b.  Add/Edit stories - we will go through all the fields to fill out to make a complete story.


9. Events:

     a.  Adding events

     b.  Adding/editing events is much like pages

     c.  Event files, speakers, locations, etc.  

     d.  Pricing

     e.  Payment & Invoicing

 10.  Boxes - Files - Linking to files from other parts of the site.

 11.  News, Articles, Staff, other modules and questions